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Hotel Housekeeping: A Guide To Tipping And Etiquette

When you stay at a hotel, you tend to interact most with those at the front desk. Whether it's during check-in/out, when you're requesting a wake-up call, or ordering room service, you may have a fair amount of interaction with these workers. However, the hotel staff members people tend to overlook are those in housekeeping. These are the people who ensure that you have plenty of clean towels, make your bed, and handle any special requests you may have during your stay. Sadly, their work is often ignored and, unlike other hotel staff, they aren't often tipped.

Why Tip Your Housekeeper?

Believe it or not, most hotel housekeepers rely heavily on tips to earn a living. Their salary may not be as tip-based as that of a waitress or car valet, but tips still make up a pretty significant chunk of a housekeeper's salary. Not to mention, the job of a hotel housekeeper isn't easy; they're responsible not only for making sure all of a hotel's rooms are organized and disinfected daily, but doing so on a strict time schedule (before daily check-ins begin for the hotel).

How Much Should You Tip?

As with tipping for any type of service, the amount you leave in tip money should be based on the quality of the service you received. So long as your room was properly cleaned, your bath towels replaced, and your bed made, you should generally tip your housekeeper at least a couple dollars per day. Of course, if a housekeeper accidentally skipped your room or did not do a good job of tending to it, you should never feel obligated to leave a tip. However, you should consider the circumstances and contact the front desk if you feel you weren't serviced properly. As always, exemplary service may warrant a larger tip.

Housekeeper Tipping Etiquette

Finally, if you plan on leaving your housekeeper a tip the next time you stay at a hotel (such as Anco Motel), make sure you do so each day rather than leaving one large tip on the last day of your stay. This will ensure that, if a different housekeeper tends to your room each day, every one of them is tipped fairly—as opposed to only the housekeeper from the last day receiving a large tip. You may also wish to leave a note along with your tip so that the housekeeper knows the money is intended for him/her and wasn't just left on accident.