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A Definition Of A Boutique Hotel

Choosing where to spend the night while you are off on vacation is a big decision. A crummy night's sleep can leave you feeling sore and grumpy, and thus unready to take on business or play. Finding a good night's sleep is not always as easy as choosing the biggest, most well known hotel. Sometimes you should venture off of the beaten path. One good option that will help to create a unique experience and may help you to get some peace and quiet is a boutique hotel. 

What Is a Boutique Hotel?

Nailing down the definition of a boutique hotel is somewhat tricky, but there are certain key features that you should look for:

1. A boutique hotel should be small. What counts as a small hotel? Simply as a point of comparison, most experts will say that a resort hotel should have no less than 10 room and no more than 100. Buildings that have fewer than ten rooms are properly called an inn or a bed and breakfast. Because of the small size, you should not have to worry about fighting huge crowds.

2. Another common characteristic of a boutique hotel is a theme. In an effort to set themselves apart from other hotels in the area, a boutique hotel could feature rooms that are done up with antiques, modern art, or anything else that would contribute to a theme.

3. A city location. Often you won't find a boutique hotel where other hotels in the area are located. Instead, you will find them right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life. Thus, you have access to the dining, shopping, and entertainment that the city provides. 

4. Independent ownership. Many boutique hotels are not part of a massive hotel chain. Instead, they are part of a smaller group of hotels, or they are owned independently. This means that your boutique hotel can offer you an unique experience that you will no find in other hotels in the area.

When you go on vacation, you should take the opportunity to take in the local flavor. Especially, if you don't plan on visiting the place again, you should take the opportunity to have an experience that you will not be able to duplicate anywhere else. Because of the ways that boutique hotels are designed, they can provide guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. Sometimes it pays to venture off of the beaten path.