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Invest In Indulgence: Why A Fully Furnished Executive Suite Is Always Worth It

Whether you'll be staying in town for a day or two or you'll be sticking around to really get to know the area, you can never go wrong by booking a fully-furnished executive suite. Unlike your limited movement in stifling single-room accommodations, you can spread out in a one, two, or three-bedroom suite, with services and amenities located right at your fingertips.

Furnished suites work when you need long-term accommodations.

If you're staying in town for a while, it makes perfect sense to reserve a furnished suite rather than trying to find a furnished home to rent. Trying to locate the perfect home, with the correct number of bedrooms and bathrooms, close to public transportation and other attractions, can be a nightmare.

If you're a business traveller, your company may consider a private home to be a cheaper option, especially if several company members will be flying in and out of town on a regular basis. But many managed homes have hidden costs for housekeeping, parking, and utilities.

With a furnished suite, you know exactly what you're getting, there's no hassle to book the suite, and there are no hidden charges. Your electricity, water, and housekeeping services are included in the room rates with no sneaky surprises.

Furnished suites work when you'll only be in town a few days.

Renting a furnished suite is a good call for short-term visitors, too. If you're in town to see family, it's easier to let them all come to you in your conveniently-located suite, and you'll have a classy, clean place to entertain the bunch. If you and the family have been roughing it in some of Canada's great wilderness areas, park the RV for a day or two and enjoy a taste of home every now and then in a few rooms of luxury and pampering.

Furnished suites are great solutions when people have different sleeping habits, or when one party snores or likes to keep the TV on all night. Having 2 or 3 separate bedrooms means everyone gets more sleep and relaxation.

Furnished suites work no matter how long you'll be staying.

A furnished suite saves you time and hassle. The facility will have transportation available to you, or, if not, will know all of the ins and outs of local public transportation. You'll be close to the places you want to see, including museums, theaters and shopping centers.

Your daily needs are met through the on-site restaurants, lounges and laundry services, and your concierge will know all of the best local shopping and dining options. Staying in a furnished suite is like staying with your own staff, who are always ready to meet your needs and provide assistance.

Many chains and independent hotels offer memberships or discounts for extended stays, so do your homework when searching for the best deals on the nicest locations. Having a home away from home is worth seeking out the best furnished suites wherever you may travel.