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How To Have A Great Christmas Dinner In A Hotel

If you are stuck travelling for a major holiday such as Christmas, you might feel a little bit sad that you are not going to be able to sit down and have a meal, because you are going to be in a hotel. Here are some tips for making the most of the holiday and getting the holiday experience that you want.

1. Check Ahead of Time to See If Any Restaurants are Going to Be Open, and Reserve a Table

If you know where you're going to end up stopping on your way to another location on Christmas, then you are first going to want to see if there are any restaurants in the area that are open on Christmas. Check as early as possible, because there are going to be a lot of people travelling and not a lot of restaurants who are able to accommodate them. If you can, make sure that you reserve a table ahead of time.

2. Get a Room With a Microwave

Next, you are going to want to ensure that you get a room with a microwave. This is important, because it will help ensure that you are able to heat up any food that you bring with you. If you aren't able to find a restaurant relatively nearby that can accommodate you on Christmas, then you are going to bring your own meal. Prepare all of the foods that you eat on Christmas ahead of time and chill them in the refrigerator before you leave. Pack a cooler with all of the foods that you've prepared and bring plates, cups, and silverware.

Don't worry about buying drinks, because gas stations will be open on Christmas and you'll be able to get drinks and snacks from there. Bring smaller dishes that are microwave safe if you packed the food in casserole dishes, because casserole dishes will not fit in the microwave.

3. Bring a Tablecloth

If you can, find a table outside of your room that you can use for a few hours. Either pull the table into your room or set up your meal where it is. Bring a tablecloth in order to make the table your own and make the meal feel like more of an event. If you are unable to find a table to use for your meal, set the tablecloth on the bed or on the floor in order to protect from spills. This will allow you to set the mood of your meal.

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